Family Violence Program

This program provides a free counselling service and education for adults and youth who are victims of family violence.  Counselling is one-to-one and may be obtained by personal request or agency referral.

Presentations on family violence and referrals to other agencies are available upon request. 

This program provides individuals and families with safety planning and appropriate cultural programming including sage, sweet grass, awareness and healing circles using aboriginal knowledge.

Features of the program:

  • It is totally free, and is funded by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice;
  • It provides services to youth, adults and couples;
  • It provides education on the different forms of abuse that contribute to the cycle of violence (see illustrations below);
  • It includes discussion on understanding what is abuse, and how, why, when and where it happens;
  • It includes safety planning, if and when one is planning to leave a situation of abuse;
  • Appropriate cultural sensitivity is offered using sage and sweet grass, as needed and requested;
  • Education is provided on different forms of abuse as needed and requested through workshops and school presentations;
  • Community involvement  includes promoting the program, attending meetings, updating pamphlets and business cards;
  • Appropriate agency referrals, letter writing, and advocating for clients are provided as needed and requested.

Referrals come from various agencies including court-mandated domestic violence programming, probation services, schools, victim services, Yorkton Tribal Council, CFS, Whitespruce Training Centre, addictions programs, mental health programs, women shelters and self-referral.

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For more information:

Contact Bernice Cartwright, Indigenous Family Violence Program Manager


Telephone: 306-782-0673

Fax: 306-782-0674

Room 131 

SIGN on Broadway

345 Broadway Street West, Yorkton

You may use the private entrance at the back of the building on Bailey Drive.