Sexual Assault Counselling

Sexual Assault Counselling (SAC) provides free specialized counselling for women, men, youth and children who have been victims of sexual assault and/or sexual abuse. The program is also available to those who offer support to victims of sexual abuse. 

SAC also delivers presentations to enhance community awareness, education and prevention of sexual assault.

Sexual assault is forced participation in any type of sexual activity. It can range from unwanted kissing or touching to forced sexual intercourse. Sexual assault is an act of power and control. It is a crime and the offender is responsible for the behaviour.

Sexual assault can happen to individuals regardless of their gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, financial status or knowledge of sexual abuse. Sexual assault impacts family members and friends, as well as our community. 

Everyone reacts differently after an event of sexual assault. Some individuals experience shock, denial, fear, anger, depression, shame, and self blame. All these reactions are normal.

Counselling and therapy may help to lessen these effects and help the survivor realize that the sexual assault is not their fault. Healing can be a challenging process. It is possible to transform from victim to survivor.


 SAC does more than counsel victims of sexual assault. The program involves many other aspects including:

  • Counselling for the family and their supportive friends of sexual assault victims;
  • Providing education about sexual assault;
  • Providing prevention education presentations to the community to enhance awareness of sexual assault;
  • Emphasizing that only Yes means Yes;
  • Creating an understanding of what sexual violence is;
  • The issues of consent;
  • Identifying dating violence;
  • Identifying sexual harassment;
  • Recognizing sexual violence within marriage.

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Our office is located at SIGN on Broadway, 345 Broadway Street West, Yorkton SK.  

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