Family Support

The Family Support Program is an in-home service, equipping parents with tools and skills for developing a stronger family unit.

All families experience stress, but when stress mounts up it can create barriers to healthy family life. As a result of this stress some children are neglected or abused. 

When children are found to be in need of protection as defined by The Child and Family Services Act, family support services are offered to reduce risk and build on family strengths.

Saskatchewan’s Family Support Program has a long history in the province. It began in 1981. It has been the program’s experience that parents do not set out to harm their children. 


When families are given support, education and resources within a trusting relationship they are able to recognize and build on their strengths and change behaviours.

Family Support Services are individual plans, unique to each family.

For more information

Telephone: 306-782-1205 or 306-782-1209