Making a difference and serving our communities in these difficult times...

Making a difference and serving our communities in these difficult times...

Making a difference and serving our communities in these difficult times...Making a difference and serving our communities in these difficult times...Making a difference and serving our communities in these difficult times...

By providing support for youth, families, parents and adults in Yorkton and east-central Saskatchewan 

The way we provide services has changed

SIGN staff is working from home as of Tuesday, March 24, in order to ensure the safety and health of clients and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. At this time there is no set schedule for how long the new way of providing services will have to be in place. 

Some programs are excluded from the work-from-home process because the services cannot be provided that way. The excluded programs include the SIGN Early Learning Centre, the Adolescent Group Home, Trustee Program and front desk/dispatch services. 

Doors for both the Elton Davidge Building on North Street and SIGN on Broadway are locked. This will provide the opportunity to do an even more thorough job of sanitizing in preparation for the buildings reopening in the future, and for the safety of those who must continue to use the buildings.

There is a directory on all main lobby doors at SIGN on Broadway with phone numbers of all program managers so clients can contact them by phone. Signs also advise clients of Turning Point to use a door on the west side of the building, and a doorbell has been installed for them to use. 

Following is detailed information about each of the SIGN programs, and how they are being conducted at this time. This information will be updated here and on our Facebook page ( if and when changes occur.

We continue to look for innovative ways to implement programs and services while adhering to safety protocols and standards. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time. 

Please note that any information stated here may change at any time, based on the ongoing advice and guidance from Saskatchewan government ministries and provincial and local health authorities.

Early Learning Centre

  • The Early Learning Centre remains open from 7 am to 6 pm Mondays to Fridays, closed for all statutory holidays, but some changes have been implemented: 
  • The maximum capacity of any defined group is eight children. Where possible, ELC will assign siblings to the same group, keeping the same children in the same group and same space throughout the day and every day. Children must eat, sleep, and play in the same space.
  • ELC has divided the classrooms so each side of the classroom will have 8 children, and the hallway will hold 8 children, for a total capacity of 40 children. 
  • No person who is sick is permitted to enter a child care facility. Any child, parent or facility staff member with symptoms of illness may not enter a child care facility. If there are any  symptoms of respiratory illness in a child (fever, coughing, shortness of breath), the child will be placed in a separate space or distance from other children until their parents or caregivers can come for them.
  • ELC will be checking children’s temperatures daily before allowing them entry to the centre and doing active symptoms screening with the families each morning.
  • Parents should be prepared for additional health and safety procedures upon arrival taking a little longer.
  • Where possible, the same parent should drop off the child(ren) each day. Staff will sign the children in to limit the number of individuals handling documents.
  • Parents are encouraged to limit items brought to the facility from home. Caregivers should ensure that children’s belongings are stored separately to prevent potential cross contamination, with the possible exception of sibling groups.

Before and After School

  • Due to the schools closing, all Before and After School programs are suspended indefinitely.

Life Skills

  • There are currently no groups meeting or face-to-face mentorship meetings. 
  • Client check-in support and program delivery is being done via text and phone for both mentorship clients and group attendees. 
  • Resource packages will be prepared and delivered to client’s doorsteps as an attempt to help clients develop skills to help alleviate some of the stress associated with the current situation.
  • Phone calls to the Life Skills office are answered or will be returned.
  • Emails at will be answered as quickly as possible. 

Adolescent Group Home

  • The Adolescent Group Home is operating as usual.


  • We continue to connect with families participating in the program via phone or video conferencing for weekly check-ins.
  • Information packages are individually designed for each family and sent to them in the mail. Home Visitors review the package, provide further information on parenting and child development and continue to support the family with access to resources.
  • Mental Health and Addiction support continues to be offered to KidsFirst families through phone calls.
  • Referrals and entry into the program continue by calling 306-783-1946 (leave a message), the SIGN web site or the Yorkton Early Years Family Resource Center web site.

Triple P Positive Parenting Program

  • Parents can still self-refer, and referrals continue to be accepted. It is best to email them to  
  • Phone inquires can be made to 306-783-3080 or 306-621-3084. 
  • Primary care will be provided over the phone or by video conference.
  • Discussion groups and seminars will be provided via video conferencing in the upcoming weeks, open to anyone. The link will be posted on Facebook ( or search within Facebook for Triple P – Positive Parenting Program Yorkton & Area). 
  • Groups scheduled to take place starting April 22 will be postponed at this time. Stay tuned to future groups or other group program delivery methods.
  • Parents may continue to access Triple P Online by visiting
  • Daily communication and tip sharing will take place via Facebook for all families. 
  • Upcoming weekly check-ins and tip sharing for families will take place video conferencing; one for parents with children ages 0-10 and one for parent of teens per week. These are open to anyone; the link will be posted on Facebook. 
  • There is no face-to-face office support until further notice. 

Family Preservation

  • Respite childcare services will be adapted to space availability as per the pandemic guidelines of the Saskatchewan government. 
  • The Community Care Team has set up virtual meetings. 
  • Correspondence continues with all partner agencies to endeavor to safeguard the needs of the families at risk. 
  • Family Preservation services continue to be provided and will include providing resources to families as needed, incorporating the Saskatchewan government pandemic protocols. Family Preservation workers and manager are available via email and phone.
  • Family Preservation in-office programming is suspended.
  • Ministry of Social Services referrals continue to be processed.
  • We are adapting Family Preservation in-home programming to video conference and telephone where possible.
  • Transporting of clients is limited to emergency services.
  • Family Preservation inquiries can be sent to or call 306-782-1441.

Family Support

  • Our Family Support workers continue to stay in touch with clients while meeting the mandate of personally seeing the client and their children every seven days. This could mean having the client and children waving out a window, outdoor visits while maintaining at least two metre distance between them (such as going for a walk) and video meetings.
  • We call, text, and drop off resource materials at the clients’ front doors on a weekly basis and doing follow ups. 

Kamsack Family Resource Centre

  • FRC staff is available to families via phone, text, Facebook Messenger and email for any questions they have. 
  • We are not open for families to play, but can be contacted by text, message or phone with: parenting questions (kiddo not eating? Potty training problems? sleeping issues? Tantrums?); early learning questions (looking for activities to do at home? Send us a message if you’re looking for ideas! We’ve got lots); family wellness questions (need a meal idea that’s quick and easy? We can send you a recipe. Looking for something fun to do outside? Feeling anxious and just need to check in with someone?); information and referrals (looking for health information? Info on your child’s development?).
  • The FRC can phone many different agencies and access many different resources to help find  answers. 
  • Call or text Megan at 306-590-8070 or Andrea at 306-590-7535. 
  • Call the office at 306-542-1010, use Facebook Messenger or email

Yorkton Early Years Family Resource Centre

  • We will continue to keep in touch with families as much as possible.
  • We will post storytimes on Facebook and move as many of our groups to video conferencing as possible.
  • We will make videos of art exploration using simple items families should have, or easily find substitutes they do have. We to have families post their beautiful art projects!
  • The monthly schedule of activities is posted online at and includes links to the video conferencing activities so people can easily join in. 
  • Staff can be reached by phone between 9:30 am and 12 noon and between 1 pm and 4:30 pm at 306-782-8171.

Senior Mobility

  • Senior Mobility continues to operate, providing transportation for seniors needing to go to important appointments. 
  • If you need a ride, please call Senior Mobility at 306-782-4151 so we can discuss how we can best meet your needs. Senior Mobility operates only in the city of Yorkton.

Housing Support

  • Housing Support is available by phone and email to offer services to individuals and families who are in immediate need of housing.
  • Information and resources will be made available on request. 
  • Office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am to  4:30 pm. Please email or call/text 306-641-4421 Monday through Friday, or 306-621-4241 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Positive Impact

  • The program continues to operate in Kamsack, but the Yorkton office hours are suspended because of the closure of SIGN on Broadway. We are keeping in contact with Yorkton clients through Turning Point staff and by text for those who have access to that option. 
  • We are working with the Kamsack community to address the closure of all free lunch options in town. More details will be provided when available.
  • We are working with public health, Indigenous Services Canada outreach and mobile teams and Stepping Stones staff to support them however possible, including gathering information for staff and clients on government programs available, food options, harm reduction supply distribution, transportation and more. 

Vocational Employment

  • We are providing reduced cleaning services for current employers due to business closures and/or reduced hours, as well as voluntary self isolation of clients which has resulted in a limited numbers of clients available to complete some contracts.
  • We continue to make necessary changes to our delivery of services based on safety and updated recommendations.
  • We welcome any questions or concerns by email or telephone. Email or call 306-783-9420.

Independent Living

  • Staff is ensuring that clients of the program are receiving weekly groceries, as well as support with banking and attaining necessary medications.
  • Services are being provided in a way that enables the client to remain safely at home while the support staff meets their needs.
  • We welcome any questions or concerns by email or telephone. Email or call 306-783-9420.

Life Without Barriers

  • Processes to taking in new clients are delayed at this time, including the opportunity for an initial meeting. For further information contact the ABI Community Coordinator, Janet Lemaire at 306-786-0183 or email
  • Individual services continue to be provided via weekly distance check-ins. These sessions will provide psycho-social support, keep individuals informed on current Covid-19 protocols, and monitor for any progress and/or crisis related issues happening in individuals lives.
  • Group sessions have been discontinued until further notice.
  • For information please contact the program manager, Stephanie Carlaw at 306-641-9702 or email

Financial Trustee

  • Cheque pick up times will be between 2 pm and 3:30 pm daily, Monday through Friday. Please ring the door bell (to the right of the doors), and stand as to be visible in the window.
  • Clients are still able to request extra money by calling in before noon. 
  • Services will continue as normal but all appointments with the Trustee will be conducted by phone. 

Walk-in Counselling

  • Walk-in Counselling is now Call-in Counselling. Clients may call 306-782-1440 during the following hours: Mondays and Fridays from 12 noon to 5 pm; Tuesdays from 2 pm to 7 pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to 5 pm. They will either reach the counselor immediately, or they can leave a message and the counselor will contact them as soon as possible.  When leaving a message, leave your name, preference for contact method (email, phone, text) and whether they prefer to meet by phone or video conference.  If by video, an email address must be provided.

Sexual Assault Counselling

  • Sexual assault counseling is available via telephone and email.
  • We are staying in touch with clients. New clients may contact us by calling 306-641-4272 or email in confidence to
  • The Community Educator is working on new programs and using social media and the websites of SIGN and the Yorkton Early Years Family Resource Centre for online presentations.

Family Violence Counselling

  • We have advised clients that there cannot be face-to-face meetings at this time, but that they are welcome to call the office number to chat, or use texting for emergency contact.
  • Call the office at 306-782-0673, cell at 306-641-5105 or email

Fee-based/EFAP Counselling

  • Counselling is being provided via telephone, and referrals continue to be accepted.

Office and Room Rentals

  • Effective immediately, SIGN will not be taking meeting room bookings for groups of any size until further notice. 

Elton Davidge Scholarships

  • Scholarships are being provided to a student from the two high schools in Yorkton. 


SIGN for the Times is a new feature where people who have used SIGN's services talk about their experience, and how the services and help they received have impacted their lives. 

Kachine's story (photo above) is the first in the series, with more to follow in the coming months.

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