Board of Directors

SIGN is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The board meets six times a year, and as required. 

Board members are elected for one-year terms at the AGM, and elect their officers immediately following.

Current Directors are:

  • Eugene Fedorowich, Chair
  • Randy Goulden, Vice Chair
  • Bob Buhler
  • Donna Coleman Trombley
  • Sheila Hintz
  • Andy Malinowski
  • Jerome Niezgoda
  • Myrna Rhinas
  • Jeanie Werner

The annual general meeting of SIGN is held every June.

The annual operational and financial reports are presented at the meeting, and Directors are elected for one-year terms.

Interested in being a board member of SIGN? Please contact any of the Directors listed at left.

Senior management

Andrew Sedley


Executive Director

Shelley Zoerb


Director of Operations

Dale Polischuk


Director of Finance

SIGN Communications

Media inquiries, comments, questions or suggestions about this web site and requests for further information may be directed to SIGN Communications at 306-783-9409 or