Vision, Mission and Priorities

Our Vision

We contribute to and participate in communities that are caring, self-reliant, safe and stable; that offer opportunities to participate in and benefit from social, economic, cultural and recreational activities; and that provide for basic needs.

Our Mission

We provide leadership, programs and services that assist, support and empower children, adults and families to achieve lifelong success, leading to strong and caring citizens and communities.

Our Values


We respect the rights of everyone to whom we provide services, each other as individuals, and our organization.


We strive to provide the highest quality programs and services within our communities, and the best possible governance for the organization.


We are transparent, honest and accountable in all our interactions, and act in a manner consistent with our values.


We care about the well-being of those we serve in our communities, and the people with whom we work.


We provide services to individuals and families who require assistance and support to meet their needs.


We welcome everyone who requires our services, and we embrace diversity and inclusivity in our programs and in our organization.


As servant leaders, we seek and promote community-based solutions.