Senior Mobility

Through the financial support from a variety of sources, affordable transportation is provided for anyone over the age of 55 who is not wheelchair bound. 

The fee of $6 per ride covers approximately one-third of the program cost, with the rest coming from a combination of service club donations, fund-raising, and support from the City of Yorkton and the provincial government.


A friendly and courteous driver is always ready to lend a hand when necessary, and provides total confidentiality for the seniors while using the program. The SIGN Senior Mobility vehicle is smoke-free and clean at all times.

To ensure proper organization of rides, the service makes use of a two-way radio to maintain good communication between the dispatcher and driver.

For more information

For more information about Senior Mobility, or to arrange for a ride, call 


SGEU Public Service and Local 1115  donated a new car for the Senior Mobility in December 2018, the third car they have provided to the program.